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The mission of The Columbian Women is to foster friendships and networking among the women of The George Washington University and to assist current female students in successfully completing their studies.


Membership Open To:


  • University Alumnae

  • Current and Former Students

  • Faculty and their Spouses

  • Staff and Administrators


Email for any questions regarding membership.


Former Notable Members
  • Dr. Ruth Helm Osborn - Recipient of The George Washington University Distinguished Alumni Award in 1989 for her work to create "Developing New Horizons for Women," a program that later became one of the first M.A. degree program in Women's Studies in the United States.


  • Jacqueline Cochran - famed aviatrix


  • Eva B. Adams - former Director of the U.S. Mint


  • Esther C. Lawton - former Deputy Director of Personnel, U.S. Treasury Department


  • The Honorable Margaret Chase Smith - former U.S. Senator


  • Edith Maslin Ronne - the first woman to winter in Antarctica


  • Janet McWilliams - first women mathematician of the U.S. Naval Observatory


  • Lucy Burlingame - the first woman appointed to the United States Foreign Service


  • Bess Truman (Mrs. Harry S.) - former First Lady of The United States of America

Jane Lingo and Countess Clarissa Bonde
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